Petrol, diesel increases by 80c

An inflation on food prices is expected as a result of the fuel pump price adjustment.

26 February 2021 | Energy

Simon Andreas; Senior Public Relations Officer, MME; “…fuel prices will put more inflationary pressure on local goods and services…”

Walvis Bay

The ministry of mines and energy (MME) announced that the price of petrol and diesel will increase by 80c in Wednesday at 00:01.

MME’s senior public relations officer, Simon Andreas, said the ministry is cognisant of the fact that the increases in the local price of fuel will put inflationary pressure on the price of goods and services.

[However], “the new fuel prices in Walvis Bay will adjusted to N$12.65 per litre for petrol and N$12.68 per litre for diesel. The prices across the rest of the country will be adjusted accordingly,” he said.

Andreas added that due to the dynamics of supply and demand in the international oil market, oil regulators will have to continue making difficult and painful decisions.