New school for Walvis Bay on the cards

Council has agreed to sell 10 hectares of land at N$30 per square meter to Prosperity School Properties.

28 July 2021 | Local News

Leroy Victor; Councillor; “The applicant offered a purchase price of N$5 per square meter…”

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After Walvis Bay municipal councillors previously disagreed on the selling price of land to Prosperity School Properties, a recommendation was made to sell the land by private transaction.

The latest council agenda shows that it was recommended that 10 hectares of portion 216 Walvis Bay Town and Townlands be sold by private transaction to Prosperity School Properties (Pty) Ltd.
This land was already reserved in 2019 to Windhoek Gymnasium, which has since registered a company, Prosperity School Properties.

According to Leroy Victor, chairperson of the management committee, the applicant indicated during an informal discussion and in writing that it is crucial that council confirms the purchase price as this is needed for their financial planning and to move forward with the project.

Victor said that the applicant offered a purchase price of N$5 per square meter.

“Two independent valuators were appointed to determine a rate and they concluded that the land is worth between N$15 and N$30 per square meter. It was then concluded that the sale be done at a rate of N$30 per square meter. However, some previous conditions as well as new ones need to be confirmed. The total amount will be approximately N$3 million.”

Other conditions include that the ministry of urban and rural development be consulted on the proposed sale, and that the applicant, at its own cost, advertises the sale by private transaction for objections

“The applicant should commence with development within 24 months from the date of transfer at the Deeds Office, and such development must be completed within 36 months from the date of transfer. Failing to comply would result in the undeveloped erven to revert to council at the cost of the applicant,” Victor said.

Additionally, Prosperity School Properties must conduct a traffic impact assessment (TIA) of the proposed development and for approval by the general manager roads and building, prior to the approval of any building plans.

“The applicant will also be responsible for the construction of a sewage pump station, rising mains and a street to the South of the property with details to be approved by the Engineering Departments of the Municipality of Walvis Bay, and attend to all outstanding town planning matters,” Victor said.