New look for Hangana Seafood


23 February 2021 | Supplements

Hangana Seafood, a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group, recently launched their new logo.

The idea behind the change is the company’s commitment to ongoing innovation which falls in line with the Group’s Vision 2025 Breakthrough Strategy.

By diversifying the company’s portfolio, it is only fitting that Hangana owns this new look, the Olthaver & List Group said in a media statement.

New ventures such as a fish shop, Hangana Abalone, storage facilities, berthing and launching services, as well as owning a growing presence in the Southern African market, reflect the company’s continuous evolution.

Rich in symbolism, the basic structure of the design is made up of three main forms.

Being in the business of seafood, fish are central to the company’s identity. The symbol of a fish also takes on the meaning of life and sustenance.

A symbol of hands signifies Hangana’s unique location where land and sea meet in harmony. The hands also illustrate the care and collaboration that go into creating the company’s products, and their culture of caring for one another.

The final feature is that of an eye, representative of having an eye on the future. It reflects the company’s foresight and dedication to forward-thinking, innovation, and a sustainable future.

The logo’s colours correspond to the Namibian landscape with shades of turquoise representing the Atlantic Ocean, freshness and the company’s ocean produce. In contrast, shades of orange are derived from the Namibian dunes and sun.

In addition to these features, the design revolves and takes on new meaning by embracing each of the four elements: earth, fire, air and water.

At its original angle, the logo illustrates the fluid lines and shapes of the Namib Desert, specifically where earth meets water. Being a company based on land and at sea, the logo also reflects Hangana’s diverse business portfolio. Here the dominant element of earth takes on the meaning of fertility and stability.

After rotation 90-degrees clockwise, the design takes on the appearance of flames. This visual representation of fire is illustrative of the company’s passion and dynamism.

Flipped on its head, the design transforms into the flowing air currents above the ocean waters. Air’s qualities of flow and circulation symbolise a cleansing power as well as communication, forward-thinking and the passage of knowledge in the company.

Another 90-degree rotation sees the logo take on the shape of a water drop - another nod to the Atlantic Ocean as well as a focus on sustainability. In this instance, the element of water denotes life, regeneration and strength.

Source: Ohlthaver & List