New commander at helm of Navy

The second change of command for the Namibian Navy is indicative of the ground work being done by pervious and present Navy commanders

31 August 2020 | Ministries

Walvis Bay

Rear Admiral Sinsy Ndeshi Bamba Nghipandua officially released command of the Namibian Navy to Rear Admiral Alweendo Paulus Amungulu today in Walvis Bay.

The Chief of the Defence Force Air Marshall Martin Pinehas officiated the change of command ceremony at the Captain PNNS Sacharia naval base which serves as the headquarters of the Navy.

Various high brass from the armed forces attended the event.

The Chief of the Defence Force said that both Admirals had contributed immensely to peace and the security of the country and that their contributions were valued and appreciated.

He added that the second change in command for the Navy taking place indicated that there is development happening in the Namibian Naval force.

“There is positive and forward movement with youngsters being groomed for positions.”

The Chief of the Defence Force also urged the incoming Navy commander to continue with the course set by the outgoing commander Rear Admiral Nghipandua.

“I am aware that you are bringing vast experience, knowledge and the necessary leadership to propel the Navy further forward."

The new commander paid tribute to all those who contributed to his career and appointment in his acceptance speech.

“Thank you to everybody who invested in me and helped me to get to where I am today. I am grateful to the ministry of defence and the Namibian Defence Force leadership for granting me this opportunity to command this arm of the service. I undertake not to disappoint, but to deliver to the best of my ability,” said Rear Admiral Alweendo Paulus Amungulu.

He also commended his predecessor Rear Admiral Nghipandua whom he said had set an example worth emulating.

“Your leadership resolve, your skills as a seasoned commander and contribution as a pioneer of the Namibian Navy have been absolutely essential in navigating the Namibian Navy through shallow waters amidst many challenges.”

Amungulu called on all members of the Navy to continue working hard and with the impressive display of military discipline and pride.

“I only ask one thing and this is to do your best every day. I undertake to do the same. We must work as a team and confront the challenges of our development strategy in a spirit that is becoming of those who served and sacrificed before us.”

Rising through the ranks

Alweendo Paulus Amungulu was born at Okafitu ka Kahala on 16 December 1963. He obtained a diploma in Auto Mechanics in the then German Republic and worked as an Auto Mechanic at the Swapo transit camp outside Luanda.

He joined the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) at Tobias Hainyeko training centre in Lubango Angola and trained in Radio Communications.

After Namibia’s independence Amungulu joined the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) in the department of policy, plans and operations with the rank of Corporal. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade) in 1995.

Amungulu attended the Naval Officers Course in Brazil from 1995 to 1998 and obtained a Diploma in Naval Science. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (Navy) after the establishment of the then NDF Maritime Wing and served as the Wing’s Chief of Staff Intelligence until 2004.

He was promoted to the rank of Commander and appointed as the Commanding Officer of the Namibian Navy ship Lieutenant General Dimo Hamaambo which is the first warship acquired by the country in 2002.

Amungulu was subsequently promoted to the rank of Captain (Navy) whilst serving in the same post.

Rear Admiral Amungulu is a graduate from the International College of Defence Studies of the National Defence University in the People’s Republic of China having attended that course from September 2019 to July 2020.

He held the post of Commander Naval Support and was responsible for administration and Logistics of the Navy from 2010 to 2017. He was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral (Junior Grade) in 2015 and was appointed as Commander Naval Operations from September 2017 to August 2020.

During his military career Rear Admiral Amungulu has been honoured with different medals. He is married to Ndapandula. They have three children.