Namdock employee tests positive for Covid-19

30 June 2020 | Health

Walvis Bay

Namdock confirmed today that one of its employees has tested positive for Covid-19.

Following suspected exposure, the employee in question was duly sent for testing on 23 June, and received his results over the weekend.

While the sick employee that works in one of Namdock’s less active and less populated operational areas is in a stable condition, he has been placed in a state isolation facility.

He is being monitored at the facility and will be periodically re-tested until he tests negative and is cleared to go home.

“In swiftly going public with this notification, it must be made clear that it is not Namdock’s intention to cause any undue panic or alarm,” said acting chief executive, Heritha Nankole Muyoba.

“We also wish to reassure the community that we are doing everything in our power to mitigate any further risk to our employees, suppliers, clients and the greater Walvis Bay community. The health and wellbeing of our people and that of the entire coastal community is uppermost in our minds and hearts,” she said.

The company wished the employee concerned a speedy recovery, saying it would support him and his family throughout this difficult period.

In line with the Covid-19 positive result, Namdock has ceased all operations with immediate effect today (29 June 2020) and is taking a number of precautionary measures. All workshops and facilities, as well as administration offices, are closed until Tuesday 30 June 2020. All surfaces, facilities and equipment are being sanitised.

An immediate contact tracing procedure has been initiated, to ensure that everyone that has been in contact with the infected employee is traced, tested and placed in quarantine accordingly.

Namdock said it has created and funded a private quarantine facility its employees for this eventuality, while non-employees will be accommodated at the state quarantine facility.

All quarantined contacts will be monitored and re-tested at intervals until they test negative and are cleared to go home.