Music to soothe the soul

27 July 2021 | Education

Over the past few weeks, Youth Orchestras of Namibia (YONA) have resorted to online lessons and tutorial videos in addition to face-to-face classes.

“The deputy minister of education Faustina Caley made an appeal to caregivers to look after children while they are unable to go to school. We feel that we also have a mandate to assist in this regard. Music lessons give children a goal and purpose, motivating them to stay off the streets and screens, to build their self-esteem and prevent depression,” says YONA director Gretel Coetzee.

BNC and Beautiful Kidz, YONA centres in Katutura, are further willing to open their facilities for the purpose of music lessons.

“Our teachers have decided to rather drive to these centres to teach the children, so that they do not have to use a taxi, thereby preventing unnecessary virus exposure. Two of our teachers will also drive to Havana, to teach our flute and recorder students at a church.”

RMB Namibia, through the First Rand Foundation, has long been a supporter of YONA, a movement with the vision to transform the lives of youth through music.

“We wholeheartedly support YONA’s mission to provide an intensive music program that develops a sense of belonging, teaches the importance of teamwork and a strong work ethic, and promotes self-confidence and good citizenship. We thank them for their selfless work and look forward to continue supporting this great initiative – for the sake of our children,” said Ray Auala of RMB Namibia.