More time to muse

Exciting prizes up for grabs

13 January 2021 | Art and Entertainment

Nadine Kohlstädt; Curator; “…I recommend you get creative now.”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

The deadline for the Swakopmund Museum Creative Competition, which is being hosted by the Swakopmund Scientific Society in conjunction with the Swakopmund Arts Association, has been extended.

According to curator Nadine Kohlstädt, the extension came about due to the Museum being closed on 23 December, which was the initial deadline.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Museum is closed for a few days,” she said.

The competition will now conclude on 15 January 2021. “So, if you haven’t had the time to enter yet, I recommend you get creative now,” said Kohlstädt.

There are various categories for groups consisting of a maximum of five. Artistic creations that can be entered are drawings; painting (not sketches); collages; mixed media; 3D objects (including sculptures); short stories and poems.

Assistant curator Nadine Phiri said that she hopes the event attracts participants who don’t usually visit the museum, especially artists, to gain inspiration for their work.

“It will be interesting to see how objects in the museum inspire and are seen from another perspective. It will also be an opportunity for both the public and museum staff to see the museum in a different setting and light,” said Phiri.

There are exciting prizes to be won, including vouchers from Art Stop and Atelier Haus Hohenzollern as well as camel rides.

The winners’ work will also be printed on postcards and showcased in a special exhibition in the Swakopmund Museum.

The Swakopmund Museum hosts a competition every year around Christmas in a bid to ensure that residents end the year on a high note and to offer them interesting activities in this time.

Caption: (More time to muse Photo A) – The Swakopmund Museum serves as inspiration. Photo Facebook