More than 90% of drug suspects Namibians

08 October 2021 | Crime

Windhoek ∙ [email protected]

From February to August, more 739 suspects have been arrested in connection with drug-related crimes, and more than 94% of them are Namibian.

The Namibian police seized various types of drugs last month valued at more than N$800 000, while 92 suspects were arrested in connection with drug-related crimes.

Of these suspects, 86 are Namibian, three Angolan and two Congolese, while a Tanzanian national was also arrested. According to the drug seizure and arrest report for September, a total of N$829 130 in drugs were confiscated.

This included 78.035kg of cannabis to the value of N$780 350, 214 mandrax tablets worth N$25 680 and 41 grams of cocaine powder valued at N$20 500.

Also seized were 11 units of crack cocaine to the value of N$1 100 and three grams of methamphetamine (tik), valued at N$1 500.

According to statistics from the Namibian police, from February to August, drugs to the value of more than N$21.57 million were confiscated in Namibia.

Statistics for January were not available.