Miss Supranational visits TASK

International beauty queen Chanique Rabe joined forces with a local organisation that feeds children.

20 October 2021 | Local News

Toya Louw; Founder, TASK; “Visits like these, brings much needed exposure to our organisation.”

Walvis Bay • [email protected]

Namibia’s Miss Supranational title holder Chanique Rabe and her team recently visited the Twaloloka Aid Support & Kindness (TASK) organisation in Walvis Bay. This was the final stop of the beauty queen’s victory tour through the country.

Accompanying Rabe, was Miss Supranational Namibia 2020 Monique Smith, as well as Willem Fourie, the director of Miss Supranational Namibia, Andre Sleigh, the creative director of Miss Supranational Poland, and Gerhard von Lepinski, the president of Miss Supranational, Poland.

TASK founder Toya Louw, said that the organisation was started among friends. “We initially decided to prepare food and distribute it in Twaloloka. After a devastating fire ripped through the settlement two months later, we decided to continue feeding the children. We used to do feedings every day, but currently its only Monday, Wednesday and Friday.” The team cooks about 80 litres of soup each week and feeds over 400 children in Narraville and at the Otweya settlement. “Visits like these bring much needed exposure to our organisation. We are always in need of macaroni, soup and vegetables to give these children a hearty meal.”

Miss Supranational Namibia Monique Smith, who hails from Walvis Bay, has been involved with TASK since before her crowning as first runner up and eventually as Miss Supranational Namibia.
“I came across the TASK team via social media, reached out and asked if they needed help. The organisation really needs assistance from the community to help feed these children nutritious meals. Ever since we met, I’ve been creating awareness about the work the TASK team does.” Smith said she intends to fulfil her duties as Miss Supranational Namibia to the best of her abilities. “I have very big shoes to fill and I want to lead by example by showing young women that you can do it. You have what it takes to make a change.”

From her side, Rabe said that it was an honour to help serve the children in Narraville and Kuisebmond. “I wish to see more Namibians be part of projects like these that uplift communities where there is need.”