Melodies of Pepi at ‘Art Chor – De’

A weekly event provides give local poets and musicians the opportunity to showcase their talent.

16 January 2021 | Art and Entertainment

Pepi; Artist; “At the end of the month I will host a full concert.”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

The “Art Chor – De” event hosted on Wednesday was outstanding.

Although there was no sound system, the event met expectations as the only performer, Petrus “Pepi” Paterson, provided the audience with a memorable experience.

The veteran singer’s voice and his guitar playing skills gave the crowd more than what they came for; Pepi provided some mesmerizing melodies for the crowd of around 40 people.

The songs he performed included his latest single “Nama /Oas”, which means Nama child in that dialect. The warming lyrics and soulful tune were relevant, and rendered an authentic piece of Namibia.

The song is available on Pepi’s YouTube channel (Pepi oneloverecords) and can be requested on southern community radio station, Karas FM.

The talented artist also performed covers by Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran.

The performance served as an appetiser for his main concert which he plans to host later this month at the same venue.

“At the end of the month I will host a full concert. I may have performed six songs for you tonight, but come end January, I will perform for you for two hours,” Pepi promised the crowd.

Also on the horizon for Pepi, is the release of his second single as well as his debut album.

Apart from seeking to complete the registration of his record label and studio, the artist also has aspirations of opening an advertising, entertainment and media company.

The “Art Chor – De” event will continue to take place every Wednesday at The Heartbeat Social Hub, providing an opportunity for both established and upcoming poets and musicians to showcase their talent.