Mayor pleads for adherence of protective measures

28 May 2020 | Local News

Walvis Bay

Residents have an obligation to protect themselves to the best of their ability in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, says Walvis Bay mayor Immanuel Wilfred.

In his speech at the ordinary council meeting on Teusday, Wilfred highlighted that despite some opinions snubbing the use of masks, the overwhelming view across the globe is that it is absolutely essential to wear them in order to prevent infection.

“It is therefore very disappointing to notice that so many people are still not taking this directive seriously.”

He called on residents to assume a collective responsibility and reprimand those who do not heed the call to wear face masks.

Wilfred said that it is important that residents adhere to other basic protocols such as sanitising surfaces and objects, washing hands with soap regularly, and maintaining safe distances between each other.

“These procedures should be ingrained into our system by now and should be practised without second thought. With the number of cases in Namibia slowly on the increase, we cannot relax our efforts at all. If you cannot avoid confined spaces, make sure that they are well ventilated.”

He added that although the health of people comes first, the protection of the economy also needs to be considered. “As jobs and income levels have been reduced, hunger and poverty will increase.”

The mayor commended those who are able to share resources for adopting a greater sense of generosity over the past few months.

“We have seen how people opened their wallets by donating food items to needy and vulnerable members of society. We are grateful for these donations and are hopeful that more people and businesses will follow suit.”