Martin and Olivier win Walvis Bay Rally

Adrenaline pumping action was at the order of the day during a rally at the coast.

15 March 2020 | Sports

Allan Martin;Rally Racer; "The word amazing doesn’t justify the feeling, but it is awesome.”

Walvis Bay • [email protected]

Local favourite Allan Martin and his navigator Maretha Olivier won the 2020 edition of the Shell V-Power Rally which took place on Saturday in and around Wavis Bay.

Martin, who is from the harbour town and his navigator Olivier, won the overall rally in a time of 58:31, racing with a Skoda R5.

“The word amazing doesn’t justify the feeling, but it is awesome. It is long overdue. Also, it was on my home ground and I came prepared with a new car. I had a mishap last year, but we redeemed ourselves,” he said after the event.

According to Martin’s navigator Maretha Olivier, teamwork was the key to their success.

“It is really fun being in the car with Allan. I think it is getting easier. We’re jellying nicely and today’s race went fluently,” Olivier said.

Last year’s winner, Wilro Dippenaar with his new navigator, Carolyn Swan, took second place in their Toyota Auris in a time of 1:00:47.

They were followed by Zachery Martin (Allan’s son) and his navigator Amanda Hugo in a Volkswagen Polo S2000, clocking a time of 1:03:14.

The rally was organized in conjunction with the Walvis Bay Motor Club (WBMC) and saw racing action in five different classes namely S1, S2, S3, S4 and off-roads.

WBMC’s secretary Geraldine Naude said that the event was a success as only two of the sixteen vehicles that participated did not finish.

“The event was awesome. Only two cars fell out and could not be repaired to continue racing. The way in which the drivers raced, the technicalities of the stages, and the fact that so few cars broke down, shows the seriousness and commitment of the participants,” said Naude.

After all pre-race activities, which included scrutinising of the rally cars at the Walvis Bay Express service station, the action commenced with the first car leaving en route to the Rooibank reverse stage – the first of the 9-stage event.

Most of the stages (eight) were located on the outskirts of the harbour town. The final stage, which is a popular spectator stage with hairpin turns and screeching tyres, took place at the Walvis Bay civic centre.

Results per class:

1. Paul Oosthuizen and navigator Johan du Plessis 1:14:34
2. Pieter Greeff and navigator JP Robinson 1:14:52
3. Gino Meyer and navigator Riaan Hennop 1:15:58

The only participant that entered for this category did not finish

1. Zachery Martin and navigator Amanda Hugo 1:03:14

1. Allan Martin and navigator Maretha Olivier58:31
2. Wilro Dippenaar and navigator Carolyn Swan 1:00:47
3. Tinus Malan and navigator Izak Coetzee 1:28:48

1. Bertie Smith and navigator Dewald Venter 1:11:53
2. Rolf Pretorius and navigator Katia Pretorius 1:16:34
3. Wildo Bartsch and navigator Raymond Fourie 1:19:04

1. Stefan Labuschagne and navigator Christiaan Labuschagne 1:15:10
2. Dirk Redmann and navigator Flippie Liebenberg 1:18:40