Martial arts action at The Dome

Karateka have returned to competitive action.

17 October 2021 | Sports

Ziggy Hentze; NKF PRO; “…not trying to make the trip, is tantamount to failure”.

Swakopmund • Leena Ndakevondjo

The Namibian Karate Federation (NKF) held its first National championship in two years due to Covid-19 that brought a standstill to all sport events.

This event took place on 25 September at The Dome in Swakopmund. Numerous athletes participated in online training and an online competition (since kata was allowed), with 89 athletes and 32 officials in action.

Carl van der Merwe, Ryan Geyser, Diego Brandt, Yolandi de Beer, Marcelle de Jager (NKF president), Ziggy Hentze (PRO), Hermie van Zyl and Yotham Samasiku were some of the official referees and judges at the event.

The day started with traditional line ups. The event ran smoothly and no serious injuries were recorded. NFK president Marcelle de Jager thanked every member, official and athlete that took part. He also welcomed Junias Hamalua, a representative on the National Sport Council (NSC), to the event.

PRO Ziggy Hentze announced that the 2021 UFAK Africa Championship takes place from 3 to 5 December in Cairo, Egypt. The number of members of the Namibian team depends on the availability of funds and could consist of four officials and 10 athletes. “We plan for this event every year, but without sponsorship it is impossible to attend. The expenditures attached to attending this event are huge, however not trying to make the trip, is tantamount to failure.”