Local flavours fill CBD

The town centre now boasts a place where tourists can sit down and enjoy their favourite local cuisine.

17 January 2021 | Business

Heinrich Nghidipaya; Entrepreneur; “We really wanted to extend the restaurant’s portfolio.”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

Hafeni Traditional Bistro recently opened its’ doors in Swakpmund’s central business district.

Entrepreneur Heinrich Hafeni Nghidipaya says the bistro caters for those seeking quick access to traditional food while they are in town.

“I wanted to be more visible. In the time of Covid-19, the tourism industry is still ‘in ICU’, but food is something that locals love, hence we decided to bring a small version of the Hafeni Traditional Restaurant to town. Many of our clients would sometimes get lost when trying to get to the restaurant situated in the township,” he said.

The entrepreneur has established a traditional restaurant in Mondesa, a bed and breakfast in Walvis Bay’s Kuisebmond, as well as a tour guide service in the last 11 years.

“The aim of the Hafeni Tourism Group is to build a formidable organisation that provides top service delivery. Our niche is cultural, traditional and heritage packages. The Hafeni Traditional Restaurant was established to cater for people who want to enjoy a traditional meal in a safe environment in the heart of the township.”

Nghidipaya says there was a demand from both foreign and local tourists who wanted a place where they could eat traditional food.

“That is how Hafeni Traditional Restaurant came about. We really wanted to extend the restaurant’s portfolio. The only unfortunate thing is that we were not established in the central business district. That is why we decided to branch out to other areas of the town.”

According to Nghidipaya, the bistro serves traditional food such as matangara (tripe), marathon chicken, wild spinach and other dishes – as is being dished up at the traditional restaurant in Mondesa.
“We try to provide food from different ethnicities and to be as diverse as possible in terms of the cuisine we serve. This is food you would not normally find in a regular restaurant,” he said.

The bistro is situated at 17 Otavi Street, opposite the German Lutheran Church, which is an historical building.

“We are also near the former Deutsche Oberschule Swakopmund, now known as the Namib High School. It is visible to potential clients, especially foreign tourists. Many tourists walk past these buildings. With our heritage tours, foreign tourists who come into town are able to come and sit down and enjoy our local cuisine.”

The bistro is open from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 20:00.