Hope for housing backlog

Stakeholders consult on issues

07 July 2019 | Ministries

Peya Mushelenga; Minister; "Access to affordable serviced urban land and housing have become key issues."

Walvis Bay • Adolf Kaure

The urban and rural development ministry recently held a high level consultative retreat in Walvis Bay, bringing together regional governors, chairpersons of regional councils and local authorities, mayors and chief executive officers of local authorities.

Speaking at the opening, minister Peya Mushelenga said that stakeholders should intentionally and collectively develop modalities to address the challenges the sector is faced including the shortage of serviced urban land and the rampant housing backlog. “Access to affordable serviced urban land and housing have become key issues, especially in the developing nations of the world where the majority of the population are not able to buy serviced urban land or houses at market prices.”

Mushelenga said that government recognises that a large portion of our people still do not have access to land or a decent shelter since most citizens cannot afford to acquire serviced urban land and housing.

According to him, his ministry has embarked on addressing these problems through Massive Urban Land Service and the Mass Housing Development Initiative programmes. “The implementation of these initiatives calls for the involvement of both the public and private sector. Furthermore, I wish to assure you that government will continue to provide budgetary support towards developmental targets set by regional councils and local authorities to service land and develop other basic services in line with national development targets.”

Other challenges which were addressed at the workshop included the high rate of defecation in rural and informal settlements, poor budgetary execution, poor coordination among offices and agencies, as well as poverty and rural development.