Home affairs minister, police chief patrol coastal streets

The officials are impressed with the behaviour of the residents of Walvis Bay.

03 August 2021 | Local News

Albert Kawana; Minister; “When you see the police and army, don’t be scared. They are here for your protection.”

Walvis Bay • [email protected]

The minister of home affairs, immigration, safety and security Dr Albert Kawana accompanied by the inspector general of the police, lieutenant general Sebastian Ndeitunga, were on an official two-day visit to the coast.

The officials began their visit with a call to the C14 checkpoint outside Walvis Bay, where Kawana told the officers deployed at the checkpoint that he appreciates the sacrifice they are making.

“I salute you who have decided to be at the front, taking on the duty that is aimed that is saving the nation from Covid. We decided to tour the country to inspect and appreciate the good job you are doing. At the same time, we want to hear your challenges, and where necessary and possible, address those challenges.”

Ndeitunga, at a short briefing prior to the visit, said that the ministers of safety and security, defence and finance have heard the cry of men and women in uniform when it comes to PPE.

“Our officers were fighting the war at the frontline without enough PPE. We have acquired the necessary PPE. Your safety should be the number one priority before you go out and ensure the safety of others. We have lost officers across the security cluster, in the line of duty.”

Ndeitunga said that officers who are at a higher risk of contracting Covid-19 are those working at the charge office, touching papers at the roadblocks and documents.

“Thus we need to make sure and prioritise the logistics to those on the ground. Commanders, you have to look after soldiers on the ground and also motivate, visit and counsel them.”

He encouraged commanders in charge to make an effort to visit officers who are in hospital or at home due to Covid-19.

“You don’t have to go in; even if they just hear you were there, that is more than enough. You need to be fathers to your soldiers.”

He underlined the importance of the visit by the minister to the coast.

“We are not only in our offices, we have to walk the ground, to show the criminals we are united with our officers, and to show those that are disregarding the Covid-19 health protocols that government is serious. We join you, to be with you and support you.”

On patrol

The minister and the police chief joined the police force, the Namibia Defence Force, Namibia Correctional Services and local neighbourhood watches on foot patrols through Kuisebmond on Friday evening.

Their first stop was at OK Foods in Kuisebmond, where Kawana addressed the public.

“When you see the police and army, don’t be scared. They are here for your protection. My mission here is to just check the general compliance of the people to Covid-19 regulations and to educate where possible.”

Kawana said that he was happy to see the general compliance, compared to other places where he has been.

“It’s good to see our people wearing their masks; it’s also important to carry your sanitizer everywhere you move.”

He encouraged the public to get vaccinated.

“This is the best tool you can use to protect your family and friends.”

In convoy style, with officers on foot and dignitaries in cars, a drive was taken through Kuisebmond.

Officers visited some local bars that are known to sell alcohol illegally and trade after hours.

“They close the doors, but we know they are inside,” some of the officers said.

The patrol was concluded with a drive through Narraville.

In spite of a few community members disregarding the mandatory mask rule, the dignitaries said that they are impressed by the behaviour of the residents of Walvis Bay.

The patrol continued in Swakopmund on Saturday night.