Hileni Tjivikua is on a mission to create safer roads

Tjivikua has been leading AA Namibia for eight years

17 October 2021 | Business

Windhoek • Rivaldo Kavanga

Hileni Tjivikua began her journey as the managing director of the Automobile Association of Namibia (AA Namibia) in 2014 and has been leading the company for the past eight years.

Tjivikua oversees all the operations and management of the firm, which include services such as assistance with obtaining international driving permits, vehicle inspection, driving training and roadside assistance and tow-in.

She says the best part of being the managing director of AA Namibia is that she gets to offer quality services to all her clients and always strives to do better by engaging stakeholders to make Namibian roads safer. The job fits her well as Tjivikua is obsessed about road safety and making Namibian and international road users safer on the roads.

“I love reading a lot about road safety and constantly do research on how other countries are making their roads better and safer. I also love cooking, cleaning and I love to be with my family,” she adds.

With road safety being central to Tjivikua, she champions the #ISeeYou campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness of dangers on the road and looks to equip pedestrians with road safety education. The campaign has been distributing reflective sashes to pedestrians, particularly learners who walk to school. The sashes make pedestrians more visible to drivers.

Setting priorities straight

The life of a managing director can be very busy. Time management is important and setting your priorities is even more vital. Being religious, Tjivikua says she starts her busy day by forming a connection with God. She reads the bible, prays and does her positive affirmations and declarations to strengthen her faith and spirit. She says this always helps her remain positive and strong throughout the day as she can sometimes be caught up with a workload.

Tjivikua is defined by her hard work, responsibility and great leadership qualities. She considers herself a workaholic by nature but adds that she has learned to tune it down and take it very slow. “My husband and I have decided to always create and spend time with our family. There is enough time to balance life, family and work,” she states. She says she has learned to strike a balance between her regular life and her corporate life and that reading the word of God has made it all possible.

Fun facts about Hileni Tjivikua

She is an early bird and wakes up at 05:00 no matter the day.
She always reads the word of God, meditates and affirms.
She is a workaholic.
She always tries to do 10 km walks during the weekend.
She keeps a to-do list.