Grumpy's fishing report

05 November 2019 | Fishing

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Grumpy Gramowski

A mixed bag of fish was caught over the past weekend.

This simply ­implies that some rare fish were reeled in. An angler enjoyed some leisure time and was rewarded with not one but two rare fish being caught from the shoreline at Jakkalsputz.

The first was a soupfin shark (or tope or school shark). In Afrikaans it's called a “vaalhaai”. Although not eaten in Namibia but in Asia, it is caught for its fins, fillets and liver. An interesting fact is that the soupfin shark has the highest amount of vitamin A in its liver, more than any other shark tested. They stay rather small and are harmless to humans, although their teeth are razor sharp.

The second rare fish landed was a horse mackerel. I might add that these stay really small and are mostly caught from vessels out at sea. It is, however, a rare ­occurrence to catch one of these from the shoreline. Horse mackerel makes great bait and is also fit for human consumption.

Sharks were caught throughout the week, with big spotties and bronze whalers being pulled ashore. The areas were the Mile 8 sandbank, with Black Rocks and Jakkalsputz being the most productive ­areas. A lot of smaller spotties were also caught at Popeye's. Jacques Stehle caught a beautiful spotted gully shark at Black Rocks - a magnificent specimen to be proud of. While we are on the topic of sharks, Lindie Barnard went shark fishing with her husband, Clint. She was first to be on, and what a fight it was. One and a half hours later Lindie managed to tame the beast and brought the female bronze ­whaler which weighed an ­amazing 99,2kg out onto the beach.

The ocean, however, wasn't to kind in ­delivering big kob. The water is definitely becoming slightly warmer and the big kob should be around soon. I already said this last week and added that conditions first have to become calmer. By calmer I mean slightly less rough seas.

The bigger fish should be in the areas of Horing­baai, Rondeklip and ­Canopy way up north. Areas closer to Henties which could possibly deliver should be Sarah se Gat and Tolla se Gat with Mile 68 also in the mix.

Over the weekend the Cymot corporate angling competition was held at Henties Bay. About 60 teams consisting of four anglers battled it out for two days. More about the winners in my next report.

Tight lines!