Grumpy’s fishing report

23 February 2021 | Local News

Just like that the big kob came in with the south wester. I for one am a firm believer in this phenomenon. The south wester brings colour and also drops the temperature. Horing Bay and Bakleigat were the hotspots last Wednesday and Thursday. I hope the weekend will continue to deliver these powerful fighters of the deep. The kob were caught on a variety of baits including sardines and tjokka being the best. Most fish were of real quality and weighed between 6-11kg, decent fish for sure. This time of the year is exceptionally good to target these big fish in areas like Tolla, Sarah, Mile 68 and Mile 72 as well as from Cape Cross all the way to the Winstons Fence.

The real winner this week was Corne Redelinghuys. He was fishing the RASSPL competition and was the first angler ever to land a short-tailed ray. He caught this amazing fish at Mile 14, just outside of Swakopmund. Sure a lot have been caught in South African waters but never in this catch and release fishing format. You, sir, deserve a double high five. This species of stingray is a bottom dwelling fish and is the largest stingray in the world. It can grow up to 2,1m across and weigh as much as 350kg. They are super strong fighters for sure. It’s definitely on my bucket list of fish to catch. Once again Corne, great fish.

For the ski boats the kob have slowed down a bit but great catches are still reported. It’s mainly kob they are targeting with the odd shark being caught but those get released without any harm, with Vierkantklip still being the go to area for these vessels. The galjoen are a bit scarce still but once the swell picks up it should get better quickly. The fishing along the coast between Swakopmund and Henties Bay was somewhat slow. Fish were caught but mostly average size fish, so no records to speak of. I am also very excited about the forecast for the week. It really looks like some good fishing is to be expected. With the calm water and the right wind direction it looks like one could target the northern shores, and expect some bigger fish too. So until the next report, tight lines!