Grumpy’s fishing report

26 October 2021 | Fishing

The sand sharks are in the shallows which in turn brings the bigger predators closer too.

A lot of anglers, including even the most inexperienced anglers caught sharks this past week. Most were spotted gulley sharks with a number of bronze whaler sharks caught too.

The spotties were targeted with anything from snoek heads, to galjoen cutlets or even mullet as bait. The bigger bronzies were targeted on mackerel or snoek heads mostly. Any big bloody (fish) bait would do the trick.

Landing some edibles were however a bit trickier this week. As slow as it was this week, it could quickly turn for the better quite quickly.

The ski boats are still getting good numbers of snoek and these should be in the area for some time to come. Go get your delicious braaiing fish from the ski boats directly at the municipal cleaning place in Swakopmund. A snoek easily feeds four adults, so it is a good and inexpensive meal.

The kayak guys also went out just south of Mile 8 in search of garrick. Still early in the season but the early bird catches the worm. Christiaan Fenwick was one such angler that paddled for many kilometres up and down the shore break in search of these hard fighting gamefish. After countless hours, his rod bend over and the fight was on.

After a few nervous minutes and powerful runs, Christiaan finally managed to grab the game fish on its v-shaped tail and lifted it into the safety of his kayak.

The conditions for the upcoming week look good with some strong south wester winds expected. The weekend should render some excellent conditions for fishing.

Tight lines!