Grumpy’s fishing report

24 March 2020 | Fishing

On the sad side, the National Angling Championships meant to be hosted over Independence weekend, was postponed due to the coronavirus. On the upside I can report that some big fish were caught.

One such fish was landed during a tour with a local fishing safari company. Henri and Dale were the guides and they were fishing at the Maketus and Canopy area. Their client was a family from overseas and it was the tiniest of girls who managed to reel in a massive fish. It must also be said that the fish that took the bait, was a fish of a lifetime!

After a strong fight from the fish and some coaching from the guides, the young girl managed to land a 23kg steenbras. A catch of a lifetime and a memorable moment that will definitely last a lifetime!

To top off the day, some decent kob and more steenbras were also landed.

The area to target these specimens would be from Canopy towards Cape Cross lodge. White mussel, crayfish, crab and sardines can be used as bait when targeting these monsters.

Although the water is still relatively warm, some reports of decent sized galjoen catches came in from the Mile 4 and Mile 14 areas. Not the biggest of fish but of the size which make for some delicious eating over the fire. White mussels were used as bait in this instance.

Mile 7 and 8 were on fire with some big spotted gulley sharks being brought ashore. The sport anglers target these strong fish with mullet or horse mackerel and Atlantic mackerel as bait. Mullet, however, are the preferable one to go with.

Kob catches have slowed somewhat. Pan-size fish are being caught almost along the entire coast but not in great numbers. Mile 26 stands out for the week, with some kob and barbel taking sardines as the bait of choice.

The conditions look good for the upcoming week, with the new moon probably bringing along some of the best fishing conditions.

The ski boats were also a bit quieter with some sulphur contained water keeping the fish from biting.

Tight lines!