Grumpy’s fishing report

03 December 2019 | Fishing

Outdoor Centre • Grumpy Gramowski

Some huge kob were caught this past week.

The good news is that most of these monsters were brought ashore in the vicinity of Swakopmund.

Mile 6 pump station, which is usually better known for producing galjoen, delivered big kob and so did Mile 8.

Jurgens Strydom went fishing after casting his vote. He headed to the pump station at the salt mine just outside Swakopmund.

Initially a lot of kelp hindered his fishing. Eventually there was a massive tug at the end of the line. It was a struggle back and forth until the shining silver body of his big kob lay on the beach. Great fish!

Good old Paaltjies also finally came to the party. Saturday and Sunday produced some big female kob. I am stressing the fact that they are female. Please only keep your allowed total of two fish over 70cm. Our future generations would love to be able to have the pleasure of catching these hard fighting fish.

“Tweede Paal” as well as the southern border or locally named “Grens” were the hotspots. Sardines are a bit of a problem so pike, sardinella as well as squid did the trick.

Paaltjies is often a hit and miss with anglers heading that way and returning come home disappointed. Here are a few tips for Paaltjies. Keep track of the conditions on websites like Windguru or Cellstop. Make sure the wave height is no higher than about 2.3m.

Also keep an eye out for the strong southwesterly wind. If the wind blows southwesterly for two days and the waves are calm, then you should be able to catch a few fish at Paaltjies. Make sure you have a 4x4 and that the wheels are deflated. Getting stuck in the soft sand is no joke.

The ski boat anglers report that the snoek have been scarce at the moment. Most of these anglers now enjoy targeting kob until news of bigger shoals of snoek arrive. Mile 6 and Mile 14 are their hunting ground of choice at the moment.

Rock and surf anglers that fished up north have also not been very lucky. A lot of sandsharks, St Josephs and smooth hounds have however been caught.

Not to worry, the likes of Canopy, Doep se Gat and Adri se Gat won’t be quiet for long.

Please make sure you have a valid recreational angling license on you at all times during the festive season. Random roadblocks as well as fisheries inspectors on the beach are a given.

Tight lines until next week!