Grumpy’s fishing report

26 November 2019 | Fishing

Outdoor Centre · Grumpy Gramowski

Anglers were greeted with the nicest calm seas in a long time.

Shikombe’s Turn and Maketu’s Turn as well as Canopy were the best angling spots.

Some really massive steenbras were caught of up to just over 20kg. Big kob catches were few and far apart but they are definitely coming out more and more.

Horingbaai, Doep se Gat and Adri se Gat regularly produce nice kob. They vary from pan size to 8kg, with the odd bigger one in the mix occasionally.

It seems that sardines are a little bit scarce at the moment. So it’s advisable to rather stock up if you find a shop that has sardines in these times. No need to panic, though, sardines will be plentiful around the 5th to the 10th of December again.

Jakkalsputz was also good to anglers this past week with steenbras and kob being caught.

Blare also rendered some nice fish with galjoen being caught in that area.

The ski boats have also been getting fish at Vierkantklip. The snoek are also still around although not as thick as the boats would’ve liked them to be.

The snoek are also quite far out at about the 20km mark from the shoreline.

Spotted gully sharks and smooth-hound sharks have been abundant. Put a mullet on your hook and you are almost certainly guaranteed to catch one of these two shark species. St. Joseph's sharks are caught along the entire coastline too.

The last interclub competition was held at Blare and about 180 angler participated.

As mentioned earlier, a lot of sharks were caught with the best catch being a bronze whaler shark.

Even cow sharks were pulled ashore and the odd skate too. Skates aren’t all that common along our shoreline and one should take care when removing the hook. Some mighty sharp teeth on these critters.

Herman Fourie was fishing at Canopy when he caught something very rare, on camera. He noticed an aardvark close to the shoreline.

Not every day that one sees the beauties along our coast.

More calm seas should make for some good fishing this weekend.

Wishing you decent catches for all along the coastline.

Tight lines!