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Local designer shows off her wares

08 November 2019 | Life Style

Alba Hamukwaya; Fashionista; “House of Nalo has existed for almost two years and just keeps growing.”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

Well-known coastal fashionista Alba Hamukwaya recently launched the latest line of her accessory brand, House of Nalo.

The 27-year-old, also known as DJ Alba, finished high school at Swakopmund’s Westside High in 2009.

Why House of Nalo?

“I struggled to find a name for the brand but still felt I should name it after myself. Nalo is short for Nalooliwa, which is my second name.”

She explained how the House of Nalo has evolved as a brand over the years. “House of Nalo has existed for almost two years and it just keeps growing. I started off with bracelets and introduced earring ranges earlier this year. There will definitely be more surprises to look out for next year,” she said.

House of Nalo has two lines, namely Express and DYNSTY. The former is an earring line while DYNSTY is a bracelet line for men. A number of Namibian celebrities including Paul Da Prince, King Tee Dee, Gazza and KK have been seen wearing the DYNSTY bracelets.

According to Hamukwaya both lines have elements that celebrate Namibia’s heritage and culture. “We make sure to incorporate Namibian designs, whether it’s using odelela or simply using the Namibian map on our earrings.”

She advised young people to be authentic in what they do. “Do what makes you happy and not because you want the things that come with being popular. This could be your downfall. You need to have a solid foundation. Instead of wanting to be popular, let your talent be your foundation.”