Festival of kites!

A local sport club invites children to make a kite and come fly it.

07 October 2021 | Events

Nadja Figueiredo; Organiser; “Marie-Jeanne Eisel has also arranged five Harley-Davidsons onsite for rides…”

Walvis Bay • [email protected]

Atlantis Sports Club hosts its first-ever kite festival on Saturday, with young and old invited to join in the fun!

Event organiser Nadja Figueiredo said that the public can sign up for the festival or just show up on Saturday and take to the sky with their kites.

“The entrance per kite is N$20. We prefer a DIY kite. The fun kicks off at 12:00 and will last until 15:00.”

To win a prize, a kite must be hand-made and flown by the kite-maker with the help of a parent where needed.

“Kite flyers will be competing for a first, second, third place, theme award and a prize for the most colourful kite.”

A participant may make use of any material such as paper, cloth or any similar light material to make his/her kite.

“Inexpensive material and use of recycled materials is encouraged.”

Figueiredo said that if the weather doesn’t permit or the winds are too low, participant’s kites will be judged without flying.

“If a kite is damaged during the competition, the kite-maker will be allowed to repair it. The judges’ decision is final. Remember, the aim is to have fun!”

The different age groups for competitors ranges from 4 to 7, 8 to 12 and 13 to 18 years.

“We didn’t include the adults yet, but if it’s successful they can definitely be added next year.”

The winners will receive a goodie bag, toys or sweets as prizes.

“It’s a family event and we don’t have big sponsors.”

In addition to some kite flying, participants can also enjoy a Harley-Davidson ride or two.

“This is the initiative of Marie-Jeanne Eisel who arranged for five Harley-Davidson bikes onsite. Kids can come and enjoy a ride with an adult around the field for $20 and for older kids (16 years plus) they also offer a ride outside of the sports club around the lagoon, cricket field and then back.”

Figueiredo said that they hope to host the festival every year during the windier seasons in Walvis Bay.

“It's meant to attract families to come together and have fun. We also want to get people to spend time at the club. Food will be on offer and the bar will be operated by Atlantis for the duration of the event.”

The club wants to use the money generated by the initiative to make improvements to the parking area in preparation for the upcoming Christmas market and hopefully more outdoor markets and events next year.

Other events

Atlantis will also be hosting their first outdoor Christmas Market on 6 November.

“We hope to create an inviting outdoor Christmas Market feel with the decor, trees, Glühwein, lights etc. This market will be from 12:00 to 20:00, and people can still apply by e-mailing [email protected] We will have a visit from Santa Claus as well as carols by candlelight. It’s the perfect way to get into the festive spirit.”

The Covid-19 lockdown also impacted the club financially.

“It costs money to maintain the field and pay salaries. The new committee has done much to improve Atlantis by adding the outdoor Biergarten and a playground area. We also have a small function venue that we upgraded that can be rented for private functions and a fully functional Skittle Alley which is popular to hire out for birthday parties. Our kitchen is being managed by Rojo Foods (The Walvis Bay Yacht Club), which has also added a nice touch to Atlantis,” Figueiredo explained.

The new committee consists of Andreas Boetcher (president) and committee members Sergio Figuiredo, Ulf Zimmer, Oswaldo Dos Santos, Herman Salpeter, Hildegard Boetcher and Heiko Steinmetz.

Their Facebook page, Atlantis Sport Club, can be visited for updates on the upcoming events.