Fashion, passion and purpose

Miss Teen Swakopmund will be crowned on 30 October.

14 October 2021 | Events

Jonathan Harris; Founder, Miss Teen Swakopmund; “I created a platform for women to voice their concern about current issues …”

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Miss Teen Swakopmund hosted a fashion show on 10 October 2021. The event, which had “fashion, passion and purpose” as its slogan, was held in collaboration with Chanté Jenae, BeCome, The Red Shelf and Ishana Boutique at Platz am Meer.

Jonathan Harris, who is the creative director and founder of Miss Teen Swakopmund 2021, said, “I created a platform for women to voice their concern about current issues that both affect and empower them.”

Harris said that the finalists showed him that they are passionate and want to pursue their future with the purpose.

The final takes place on 30 October, with nine participants and six judges. The next applications will open from 15 - 19 February in 2022.

Chanté Namises, who is one of the participants, said that she entered to get out of her comfort zone. “I always wanted to join Miss Teen Swakopmund, but I was too young. I challenged myself to build myself up and to experience something new, but also to have fun in the process.”


Chanté Bock, who is the founder of clothing line Chanté Jeane, specialises in fashion and textiles surface design. She graduated with a BA Honours in Fashion and Textiles Studies from the University of Namibia in 2018. “I like my work to tell a story or to be part of a cause. It could be exploring a theme or idea, or finding new and innovative ways to reduce my carbon footprint.”

Her thinking about creating the collection, which consisted of tops, skirts and pants that can be supplemented with seasonal pieces which the finalists showcased, was guided by her enthusiasm for designs that focus on the notable and innovative.

She has aspirations of launching a small collection with sustainability in mind, soon. “I want to create desirable clothing while avoiding ethical and environmental issues that the fashion industry so often represents. At the same time, I put thought into the details to make the garments special to present a timeless feel, be it an asymmetrical cut, a special fabric, or the way certain fabrics feel on the skin,” she said.