Empowering Namibians

26 November 2019 | Supplements

The Made in Namibia Collection shop is situated along Libertina Amathila Street in Swakopmund’s central business district.

The shop sells products that are manufactured in Namibia.

According to the shop’s owner, Raymond Spall, the shop will help to diversify and empower those who create these products to prosper in different markets.

He believes the venture will bring peoples’ talent to fruition and their products to the market.

“It will empower Namibians who have either artistic talent, vocational training or something to sell the opportunity to channel those skills and crafts through a shop that specialises in Namibian products. Once they sell well in the Made in Namibia Collection Shop, we then offer such best-sellers (through wholesale) to other selected tourism establishments in Namibia,” Spall said.

The Made in Namibia Collection shop sells various items including homeware products, kids’ ware, body care products, crafts, ethnic jewellery, a variety of gifts, handcrafted souvenirs and ornaments, handmade baskets, local music and fridge magnets.

All items boast Made in Namibia labels. The shop is open seven days a week. Namibians and tourists are welcome to browse and witness just how talented Namibians are.

Spall said the Made in Namibia Collection shop helps the Namibian tourism industry by retaining money in the country.

“From concept to completion, the Made in Namibia Collection shop ethos is on how to support local products as well as entrepreneurs and to produce, print and package products locally. By doing this, we ensure that money being spent on Made in Namibia Collection products remains in Namibia,” he said.

He added that there will be no compromise in terms of quality. “We understand the Namibians are ultimately selling to tourists when they create these products, so we have to remember that they expect a different standard of quality.

“For many locals, if there are a couple of threads and strands missing and if things are not sewn properly, it’s not important. But unfortunately, for Europeans quality is incredibly important,” he said.

Discounts are given to any Southern Africans who purchase any products in the Made in Namibia Collection shop. The shop is open Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:30.