Edupreneurs on the go

25 May 2021 | Education

The Edupreneurs project that began at the end of March is in full swing.

The project – launched by the Namibia Business Innovation Institute (NBII) in collaboration with Glowdom and Eduix (Finland) in partnership with National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST), and the Southern Africa Innovation Support programme – is a digital business ecosystem that powers the EdTech infrastructure and education software development in Southern Africa.

It aims at solving challenges that have risen due to the lack of digital infrastructure and personnel with digital competencies, further exacerbated by Covid.

“The developed information systems must help make life easier for end-users. New systems must be seen as useful tools rather than an extra burden to carry,” education minister Anna Nghipondoka said.

In addition, she stressed the important of EdTech infrastructure during the pandemic, since stress levels and the mental load of individuals have increased.

“Although there are a few relevant EdTech solutions across Southern Africa, such initiatives still remain isolated, decreasing the potential of consolidating success to regional levels.”

Working Nation

On her part, the manager of Entrepreneurship and Incubation at NBII, Bernice Ndungaua, said that innovation is the route to follow to address the social and economic issues of a given country.

“We need to collectively develop a culture of innovation and creativity to challenge the ‘business-as-usual’ mentality. This will enable us to introduce new or improved products or services, and processes and methods.”

At the moment project members are in the process of planning to formally launch the digital platform, as well as to host capacity-building workshops for the various stakeholders in the education space locally and regionally.