Donation for Tutaleni PS

A Walvis Bay based fishing company donated N$12 500 to a local primary school.

14 September 2021 | Local News

Neville Johannes; Ketameka Fishing; “One of our objectives as a fishing company is the upliftment of schools in our community…”

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Tutaleni Primary School received a donation valued at N$12 500 from Ketameko Fishing on Monday.

The donation includes a full desktop computer set-up, a printer as well as the required software.

In addition to the equipment, the school also used some of the money to fix stoves in their kitchen.

Neville Johannes, chairperson of Ketameko Fishing, said that, “education carries development in the country. One of our objectives as a fishing company is the upliftment of schools in our community. In line with our vision and mission, this donation is part our corporate social responsibility. We hope it has a great impact and allows you to continue learning with a little more ease. We believe this is just the beginning of a long-lasting relationship between Ketameko Fishing and Tutaleni Primary School.”

Deputy head girl Antoinette Gases read a poem to show their gratitude.

“You heard our cry and you saw our needs, you gave what we needed. Technology is the way to go. Technology makes things faster. Technology helps us learn better. Thank you Ketameko Fishing, we will look after our gifts.”

Tutaleni Primary School on average accommodates more than 1400 children from grade one to seven.

Ketameko Fishing was established in 2008 and consists of seven shareholders. It is also involved in a number of schools in the harbour town such as !Nara Primary School, De Duine Secondary School and Narraville Primary School.