Dippenaar case continues

The defence cross-examined state witness Johan Joubert.

19 October 2021 | Crime

Johan Joubert; Witness; “The rotation of the vehicles starts through the point of engagement...”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

The Dippenaar case continued today (Tuesday) with the accused Jandré Dippenaar, appearing before the regional court in Swakopmund. He is accused of being responsible for the death of six people in an accident on the Henties Bay Road in 2014. He faces six counts of murder, reckless and negligent driving, fraud and non-possession of a valid driver's licence.

State witness Johan Joubert was cross-examined by Dippenaar’s legal representative, Louis Botes, with regards to the proper recalculations of the Global Positioning System (GPS) longitude and latitude coordinates of the accident scene. During the cross-examination, Botes wanted to know from the witness (based on his illustrations), if the shape of the vehicle is used to measure the maximum engagement, to which the witness replied, “yes”. “You did not consider the damage profile to both vehicles at the point of impact?” Botes asked.
“I only indicated the point of impact,” Joubert replied. Asked why he did not consider it, the witness said that it was not necessary because he was more interested in where the point of impact was. “The rotation of the vehicles starts through the point of engagement through separation,” he explained.

By the end of the day, regional court magistrate Gaynor Paulton dismissed the court and called for the matter to continue tomorrow (Wednesday).

Previous testimony

The accident, which took place 29 December 2014, claimed six lives and left Antonia (Toni) Klara Joschko as the sole survivor. Antonia was travelling in Namibia with her father Walter Helmut (48), mother Stephanie Dorothea Schemick (49), and sister Alexandra Marlene (19), when the car they were travelling in collided with the vehicle Dippenaar was drving, which had four occupants.
Dippenaar’s passengers, Dinah Pretorius (30), Charlene Schoombe (24) and JC Horn (27), were also killed in the accident.

During a previous appearance in 2017, Antonia revealed details from the accident during her testimony, saying that her parents had decided the family should travel to Namibia to celebrate Stephanie’s 50th birthday as well as their 20th wedding anniversary. When the Joschko’s arrived in Windhoek, they decided to rent a Ford Ranger to take a self-drive safari.

She said that on the morning of the accident, they left Palmwag Lodge and drove towards Cape Cross where they had lunch and stopped to view the seals. “On our way to Swakopmund, I was speaking to my sister who was sitting on the back passenger seat with me. I was sitting behind my father who was driving and my mother was sitting in the front passenger seat.”
She recounted that her father was driving considerately as the road was quite busy. “I was still talking to my sister as we were driving up a small hill and a big white vehicle suddenly appeared right in front of our car.” According to Antonia, her father had no time to react to avoid a collision, as Dippenaar’s vehicle was too close and was travelling at a high speed.