Desert Dash delivers once more

More than 900 cyclist participated in the fifteenth edition of a popular cycle race which concluded at Platz Am Meer mall in Swakopmund.

07 December 2019 | Sports

Swakopmund · [email protected]

Nedbank Desert Dash competitors competed in various categories such as the solo (men’s and women), mixed two, four as well as four team (men and women) teams over a gruelling six stages of 373km across the world’s oldest desert, the Namib Desert.

The event finished with a fairy tale ending as Swedish national Konny Looser (29) and his fiancée Vera Adrian (26) won the men and women’s solo races which started at the Grove Mall in Windhoek on Friday.

Looser who competes under the banner of the Nedbank team, finished the race in a time of 14:42:02 and won it for a fifth consecutive time ahead of the Dusty Day of Barzani Pro-Cycling from South Africa in second position (14:52:52) and compatriot Nichol Jordaan (15:53:06) who finished third.

“I’m happy that it worked out again. It’s never a given that you will win. Ove such a long distance, anything can happen. I rode a really good race tactically and also did not experience any mechanical problems or suffered a crash.”

Looser said that he climb a lot of hills when he cycles in Europe.

“That’s my strength. I always go harder on the climb to tire the other riders. I chose to ride a tactical race and it paid off. The time does not matter to me, what is important is winning. I’m happy,” said Looser after the race.

In her first solo, Vera Adrian, of A&M Jewelry, crossed the finishing line with a time of 17:10:50 ahead of Risa Dreyer (18:14:48) in second and Irene Steyn of MBM Solo (18:46:11) who finished third.

“It’s incredible. I was so amazed today at how the body and the mind function. It’s such a long race and you go through so many stages. If you allows your mind to run with it, your body just follows.”

Adrian said that it was probably not as tough as it could have been and added that the rains experienced in the interior and during the beginning stages were a very unique experience.

“It wasn’t bad at all. I was on my own for most of the race. It’s a tough race and I was scared that I started too fast but luckily I had the legs to finish,” she said.

The Four man team category winners Megatech Mannie’s Manne consisting of Hugo Hahn, Alex Miller, Tristan de Lange and Morne Nell also managed to set a new course record of 13:47:40.

According to the event organiser Mannie Heymans this year’s edition attracted more riders.

“This year we had a record number of entries as well as a record number of solo entries. An estimated 300 participants that did not finish the race. Everything went well,” said Heymans.

The rest of the results of the event were as follows:

Mixed two team
1. Dikus Coetzee and Michelle Voster (Davin Trust Powered by Hollard) 14:25:19
2. Martin Freyer and Saska van der Merwe (Team Hollard Mixed) 16:01:13
3.Mari Rabi and Corri Müller 16:40:51

Two man team
1. Kai and Marc Pritzen (Team Kia Elite) 14:34:33
2. Clinton Hilfiker and Des Doman (Indongo Toyota) 15:20:56
3.Tyron Kotze and Fana Lambert (Bud Power)15:24:21

Two woman team
1. Catherine Pellow-Jarman and Christiana Beulker (Uis Guesthouse)17:46:13
2. Genevieve Wber and Lauren Pritzen (Marathon Sugar Ladies) 19:46:56
3. Ashlee van Tonder and Comine Bruwer (Hoisting Solutions Botswana) 20:25:36

Four man team
1. Hugo Hahn, Alex Miller, Tristan de Lange and Morne Nell (Megatech Mannie’s Manne) 13:47:40 (New course record).
2. Andre Vermeulen, Gerard Mans Jr, Christo Swartz and Ingram Cuff (Hollard MyLife) 14:15:00
3.Rob Sim, Udo Blotz, Nico Pfitzenmaier and Piet Swiegers (Gondwana Masters) 14:31:22

Four woman team
1. Michelle Döman, Benita Kasch, Hanli Cilliers and Jolynde Human (Food Lovers Market) 17:14:15
2. Thiesa Janse van Rensburg, Carmen Johannes, Nicola Fester, Heide Hoböhm (Sober Sloths) 18:44:15
3. Marlene Jacobs, Jean-Marie Breedt, Melva Steenkamp, Estelle Lambert (WOW-Women on Wheels) 19:08:58

Four person mix teams
1. Greg Chase, Bergran Jensen (16), Mariska Strauss, Yolandi de Villiers (MBM Mixed Bag Motion) 15:29:12
2. Jaco Lamprecht, Robyn-Lee Swartz, Eneill Buitendag, Lelani Swart (Hollard Mixed) 16:52:01
3. Terence Smit, Freddy van Zyl, Antja Liebenberg, Mandy Huysamen (Bakpro No Loafing) 18:10:51