Danceable ‘Tolika’ released

An energetic group of musicians produced and released a unique dance track_

01 November 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Herold Hiiko; Group member; “…we want everyone to dance to it.”

Omaruru · Adolf Kaure

The Omaruru-based music group Xtrazz recently released their latest single, “Tolika”.

The trio who started making music together in 2010 and whose ages range from 24 to 26, consists of Herold (Bux) Hiiko, Nfwile (Cyrus) Abel and Pads (Simzza) Ndilula.

According to Hiiko, “Tolika” is a fun song to dance to.

“We recorded the song because we want everyone to dance to it. It is a very danceable song and we intend to make it available on jukeboxes so that it can be listened to and enjoyed by everyone. Namibia is definitely not ready for this song. It's a fusion of pop and magaisa. We never chose music. We allow our passion for art to make the choice for us,” he said.

“Tolika” is part of Xtrazz’s debut album The Beginning of the Endless, produced by Setrick Dantu aka KalloOn TheBeat.

Hiiko said that there are links on Xtrazz’s Facebook page where fans can download the Beginning of the Endless album.

“We have done this to push our exposure levels up.”
The trio also recorded a music video for their single “Stars”, which was released earlier this year.

The “Stars” music video is enjoying airtime on nbc and on One Africa Television.

Hiiko urged the group’s fans to watch for activity on social media as Xtrazz will be touring local schools soon.

Xtrazz’s inspiration for music is driven by musical legends like Lucky Dube and Mandoza. The ever energetic trio composes music in various genres like house, afro-pop and dancehall.