Council not responsible for ‘admin’

The municipality of Walvis Bay says that council is not responsible for the transferring of staff or the awarding of bids.

19 February 2021 | Local News

Anita Kaihiva; communications officer; “The deployment of staff in particular positions is the prerogative of the chief executive officer…”

Walvis Bay

Administrative affairs and the awarding of bids (tenders) is often the subject of intense public scrutiny and conjecture.

Reacting to this, the Walvis Bay municipality’s communication officer, Anita Kaihiva, said that the role of “councillors is primarily guided by the Local Authorities Act of 1992, which has been amended a number of times. In terms of the Act, together with the Code of Conduct for Members of Local Authority Councils, the chief executive of the local authority council, is responsible for the administration of the affairs of the local authority council.”

She said that according to the code, individual council members have no administrative or executive powers in the operation of a council.

In a statement, Kaihiva said that it is incorrect to suggest that councillors are responsible for purely administrative operations such as transferring of staff members between departments, or appointing staff in acting positions.

“The deployment of staff in particular positions is the prerogative of the chief executive officer, and solely for the benefit of the organization to deliver the best possible services to all its customers. There are specific procedures and policies in place for this purpose, such as procurement management units, bid evaluation committees, or procurement committees.”

Tenders and bids

Kaihiva said that in terms of the act, local authority members are not involved in any stage of the bidding process. “These functions are performed administratively, and final awards are signed off by the chief executive officer as accounting officer. It would therefore also be incorrect to assume that council members are responsible for awarding bids to any providers of goods, works or services. Moreover, staff members of the Procurement Management Unit are not involved in the awarding of bids in any way and fulfil an administrative and oversight role only.”

She said that members of the public who need clarity on any issues pertaining to the operations of Council or the awarding of bids, can contact the Public Relations desk at [email protected]