COSDEF and NAMFI join hands

To organisations at the coast have signed an agreement that will enable better training in the maritime sector.

01 April 2021 | Education

Jeremy Müller; COSDEF executive manager; “I think it is important that training providers collaborate and do not work in isolation.”

Swakopmund • [email protected]

The Namibia Maritime and Fisheries Institution (NAMFI) and the Namibia Community Skills Development Foundation (COSDEF) earlier this week signed a cooperation agreement to jointly promote technical and vocational education and training (TVET).

This is being done to aid in the sustainability of career opportunities in the TVET sector and promote maritime courses.

“I think it is important that training providers collaborate and do not work in isolation,” said COSDEF executive manager, Jeremy Müller.

He believes that this will aid in the avoidance of duplication and in turn give the two institutions the opportunity to complement one another in terms of the TVET courses that they do offer.

“Now we can offer maritime TVET courses up to level two and trust that they can receive level 3 training from NAMFI.”

Maggy Sam, the director of NAMFI, called this development “a huge step in the right direction”.

She added that NAMFI has noticed that TVET courses offered by the institution are being neglected due to the fact that the majority of persons taking part in TVET programmes do not qualify for universities.

“TVET is a good alternative for those who do not qualify to go to a university. These students can be trained to work well with their hands,” Sam said.

She added that this is also an advantage, as COSDEF will ensure that NAMFI receives well-trained employees instead of having to groom them.