Cooperatively promoting fish consumption

Complement market needs

03 December 2019 | Fishing

The Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Benguella Ski Boat Fishing Association (BSBFA) in Walvis Bay recently.

The MOU sets out supportive action steps to promote the consumption and distribution of frozen fish and fish products across the country. It contains a number of action steps contained towards ensuring this objective is achieved.

Under the MOU the fishing association will provide line fish species (such as snoek) to complement the NFCPT market needs.

The two parties will also agree on the pricing of line fish species to promote the consumption of fish provided by the fishing association to NFCPT.

Such pricing will be based on market factors as agreed on preferential pricing to ensure affordability.

The NFCPT will also support BSFBA with the transportation and cold storage of fish.

The two organisations further agreed to keep records and provide quarterly returns on fish distribution and consumption statistics. They will also uphold good governance systems and cooperate on product stewardship.

Audits in operations, distribution and sales of fish will be conducted annually and by an external party.

According to De Wet Siluka, the public relations officer of the NFCPT, the MOU relies on willingness and goodwill from the parties to beneficially support one another in the plight of promoting fish consumption and is an extension of the NFCPT's smart-partnership objective that aims at implementing programs together with the fishing industry.

“These programs are geared towards encouraging enterprise development in local fish trade and processing to ensure the availability of fish and fish in all corners of our country. They are further aimed at product diversification to meet the growing demand of our customers and broadly address extreme hunger, poverty and enhance nutritional security particularly among lower-income and marginalised households of our communities,” he said.

The NFCPT has 17 shops in 13 regions and a fleet of 8 trucks at its disposal.

“We plan to open another shop before the end of the 2020 financial year (March) in Otjiwarongo. The feasibility study has been completed and a suitable place was identified,” added Siluka.