Chinger releases debut album

Hard work and persistence pays off

28 January 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Chinger; Musician; “All these tracks have good messages that encourage people to do the right things.”

Adolf Kaure - Swakopmund-based singer Shipanga Petrus Shipanga, better known as Chinger, recently released his debut album titled Suffer first enjoy later.

The 26-year-old artist told Erongo that he chose this particular title because in life a person has to work hard to achieve his or her goals through challenges.

Chinger, who is currently unemployed, grew up in the village Okambuga Kamaitina in the Oshikoto region. He went to Kandume Combined School and started doing music from an early age.

“Singing is my talent. Since I was a boy, I took part in Sunday schools and sang in school choirs. I left my village and went to Oshikango, where I recorded my first song in 2014. In 2015, I came to Swakopmund where I found Thomas Thomas, the producer for Ongushu Music Production, and recorded my first album. I sing afro-pop, gospel kwaito and shambo music. Samuelle, previously known as Qonja, and Challor are the artists who inspired me to do music.”

Most of the tracks on the album were produced by Ongushu Music Production’s Thomas Thomas, while two tracks were recorded at Elia Studio in Windhoek.

According to Chinger he made the necessary sacrifices to ensure that he released the 12-track album.

“I really worked hard to put the album together. Through prayers and by doing part-time jobs I earned the money to release my album.”

Chinger collaborated with the likes of MK, Black Fish, Yung Kavin and Ester for the album, and according to him, the most sentimental songs on the album are "Suffer first enjoy later", "Tulongeni" (which means “let’s work” in Oshiwambo), "Africa Mama" and "Time is Money".

He says all these tracks have good messages that encourage people to do the right things, and encouraged upcoming and established artists as well as fans to play their part in the industry.

“Let’s try to sing songs with messages that is encouraging the nation to do what is right. Veteran artists should continue encouraging us to do our best. Their encouragement helped me to move to the next level. To the supporters and everybody who listen to local music, keep on doing it because you are there for us. Making copies is prohibited so buy original because you are original.”