Buy Namibian – online!

27 September 2021 | Business

Shoppers are now able to purchase beautiful Namibian arts and crafts online through the newly launched .

The online shop mitigates the impact that the pandemic has had on the arts and crafts sector as products normally only found in shops are now available online at the click of a button. Shipping has been made easy through the Namibia Crafts Centre’s (NCC) partnership with DHL.

This new sales platform is the result of the Namibian Ministry of Industrialization and Trade (MIT), and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and GIZ Namibia’s Promotion of Business Advisory and Economic Transformation Services (ProBATS) ongoing collaboration under the German-Namibia cooperation.

The ministries together with ProBATS looked at ways to best counter the economic disruption and downturn caused by the Covid-19.

The local economy and especially the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) like artisans, small scale arts & crafts manufacturers are suffering. The lack of travellers and tourists to Namibia meant that souvenirs and Namibian handmade products had lost the majority of their clients.

However, makes these beautiful and desirable products available online. This allows artisans from all over Namibia not only to be represented in the physical shops of the NCC, but also online.

Worldwide audience

The NCC crafters and artisans decided to engage with customers throughout the world by creating the online sales platform. The easy to navigate, well-designed website offers visitors and especially buyers, a great and secure online buying experience. The products on sale range from souvenirs, jewellery, leather goods, arts & collectibles, to upcycled crafts, clothes and more. Payments can be completed much like on any other shopping platform and is safe and secure.

According to managing director of the Craft Centre Shareen Thude, “The monumental step forward that we have made by creating and launching cannot be underestimated. Namibian arts and crafts will now find a market globally. Our beautiful products made by very talented small scale businesses deserve to have a bigger market and there’s no bigger market than the internet.”

The MIT and MoF together with ProBATS’ expertise is helping SMEs maintain business viability, unlock new perspectives, and enabling crafters to adapt.

The online sales platform demonstrates that entrepreneurs and SMEs are able to adapt to disruptions and maintain business operations and overall business sustainability. This gives women and men an opportunity to continue to provide for their families and communities and use the Internet as a sales tool to empower them in a whole new way.