#BeFree National Prize launched

The One Young World leaders summit takes place in Tokyo next year.

24 November 2021 | Events

Lucia Kamati; One Young World Ambassador; “I had the privilege of being part of more than 13 000 impactful networks of young leaders from all over the world…”

One Young World partnered with the Namibian government and First Lady Monica Geingos, to launch the #BeFree National Prize 2022.

The innitialive allows young, talented Namibians to promote and share their initiatives worldwide. The award recognises young leaders between the ages of 18 and 30, who are leading social, technological, cultural and entrepreneurial initiatives targeting measuers addressing the Covid-19 pandemic, education, accessibility to SRH and SGBV services, mental health, substance abuse and youth development.

One Young World welcomes five young Namibian leaders to the Summit in Tokyo in May 2022. Each chosen scholar will receive a dedicated support programme from One Young World and the Namibian government. The scholars will be accommodated between 16 and 19 May 2022. Their travelling costs to and from Tokyo, passport application costs (if the candidate has no passport) and meals will be covered for this period.

Lucia Kamati, who is a One Young World ambassador, attended one of the summits. “I had the privilege of being part of more than 13 000 impactful networks of young leaders from all over the world. You spend three days just learning about and meeting people who are on a journey of creating an impact and contributing to a better world through their initiatives,” she said.

The assessment criteria requires applicants to demonstrate a commitment towards creating a positive impact through (social) entrepreneurship in their communities; proven leadership abilities (role models); and a capacity for innovation and value-driven problem solving. They should also display a concern for local and/or global issues, the ability to generate and articulate impactful ideas, and an ability to work towards a shared goal through teamwork and collaboration.

The eligibility criteria are as follows:
Any young person between 18 and 30 years old.
Namibian nationality.
Residing in Namibian territory.
Lead or be part of an initiative or project that generates impact in their region.
Not have participated in One Young World previously.