Balls to help extinguish fires

Eliminating shack fires

23 February 2021 | Local News

Josef Kahyata, Entrepreneur, “The fire outbreak that occurred in 2020 and earlier this year at Twaloloka really broke my heart…”

Walvis Bay •[email protected]

Two local entrepreneurs Josef Kahyata and Israel Petrus is on a mission to nip shack fires in the bud with fire extinguisher balls.

During a telephonic interview Kahyata said his business partner (Israel) did research about these balls abroad. The balls can tackle different types of fires such as fires caused by solid burning materials, liquid burning materials, fire involving combustibles, electrical fires and kitchen fires.

“The fire outbreak that occurred in 2020 and earlier this year at the Twaloloka constituency - now known as Otweya - really broke my heart. To see people losing their homes, because they couldn’t do anything to fight the fire due to lack of fire extinguishers in their homes. If all the households in Walvis Bay were provided with fire extinguishers and people were educated on using them, I don’t think our citizens will be left homeless due to the outbreak of fire.”

He said that they approached the municipality with a proposal for them to partner together and provide vulnerable households with these balls.

He explained these fire extinguisher balls are easy to use.

“It is light weight, (1.3 kilograms) and because of its compact size, the ball can also be used by children, adults, and the elderly in the case of an active fire. Just roll, toss, or slide the fire extinguishing ball to the active fire, and watch it do its work within roughly 3 to 10 seconds.”

“The ball can be rolled out to fire scenes, or set in places that can catch fire easily such as near an electric case, the gas barrel, flammable chemicals, articles in factories, shopping malls, gas stations, hotels, or even in the car.”

He stated that these balls can start extinguishing the fire while the fire brigade is on its way.

“You don’t need to be close to fire scenes to extinguish the fire anymore. The dry-powder chemicals used in fire extinguisher balls are non-toxic and non-hazardous, so you and your family can rest easy that the devices keeping you and your home safe, are safe for you, the children, and even pets.

Kahyata stated the balls life span is five years and will cost the municipality N$600.

“We proposed to the municipality that they buy the balls from us to supply every household in the community with one, especially for the rural areas. The municipality can then deduct a certain fee monthly from every household’s water bill (rates and taxes) that receives the fire extinguisher ball.”

The Walvis Bay municipality is currently looking at their proposal and the Walvis Bay mayor, Trevino Forbes, also tested one of the balls at a demonstration hosted at the Walvis Bay fire brigade.