Walvis mayor implores councillors to work together

Council meeting
The mayor of Walvis Bay has emphasised the need for local authority councillors to work together, despite their political affiliations.
Leandrea Mouers
The mayor of Walvis Bay Trevino Forbes called on local authority councillors across the country to press ahead and always give 100% when it comes to improving the livelihoods of their residents.

“I issue this plea despite a recent speech made by Katrina Hanse, who is a member of the Swapo Party’s Central Committee, at a recent party rally. She stated that the minister of urban and rural development is a Swapo minister and will not support or promote Local Authorities where the ruling party is not the majority, as is in the case of Mariental and Walvis Bay,” Forbes said at an ordinary council meeting held at the Kuisebmond council chambers on on Wednesday.

He reminded his fellow councillors of the oath they took and the promise to put the people’s needs first. “We should not let the lack of support or bureaucratic decision-making discourage is from service delivery to our people. Change has come, whether we like it or not. “We need to work together. The residents of Walvis Bay are relying on us. Two years have passed, and there are no fruits yet. We need to pull up our socks.”

Forbes also singled out Jan Kruger, one of the senior managers of the municipality. “Having you on our team is a matter of privilege for us. You inspire us with your good work. Thank you for jumping in and helping even when it is outside your scope of work. We are happy that you fully understand the needs of council and the resident’s expectations. As a result of your hard work, our entire team moves forward. Reliability is hard to come by, and I am sure I speak for everyone when I say your work ethic and involvement are admirable and we are fortunate to have someone as dedicated as you on board.”