Swakop by-elections on Friday

29 polling stations
Polling stations are ready to receive voters on Friday to cast their ballots for their choice of Swakopmund constituency councillor.
Adam Hartman
Tomorrow, ,

An expected 37 000 registered voters will queue to cast their ballot at one of the 29 polling stations (of which three are mobile) for their choice from eight candidates as Swakopmund constituency councillor for the Erongo regional council on 12 August 2022.

The training of 145 polling officers was concluded in Swakopmund on Wednesday and they will be deployed in 29 teams across the town as from Thursday. "We are ready," a polling officer said.

According to ECN’s Erongo voter education officer Gerhard Tjinotjiwa, the polls will open at 07:00, and voters have a chance until 21"00 to make their vote count. "Those in line at 21h00 will still be allowed to vote, but no newcomers allowed after that. Counting will start immediately and preliminary results will be made available at the various stations. The verification of votes will be done at the official verification centre, and a final result will be expected on Saturday, with the announcement of the new constituency councillor."

Some of the candidates, Erongo 24/7 spoke to, said that they worked hard for this day. Each one believes that she or he is the right person to fill the position left vacant by Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) candidate Ciske Smith-Howard whose representation for the party in the constituency was terminated in May.

The by-elections are in accordance with the Regional Councils Act, which states that a new representative should be elected within three months. Issues that most candidates agree on, include the provision of land and housing, employment creation, health and education development, and crime fighting.

The eight candidates running are Lousia Kativa (IPC), Zerold Danto of the United Democratic Front (UDF), Rodger Dausab of the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), Tangeni Musheka of the Landless People’s Movement (LPM), independent candidate Williward Narib, Popular Democratic Movement’s Lelani Pascheka (PDM, former Swakopmund mayor Nehemia Salomon of Swapo, and Bernhard von Zeydlitz-Kurzbach of the United People’s Movement UPM).

Erongo governor, Neville Andre, recently urged all registered voters in the constituency to respect the importance of the democratic society and take part in a democratic activity so that their voice can be heard and their views are represented in terms of decision making processes in the country. "Only if you cast your vote then whoever you vote for will represent your cause and take your views to national level," he said.