Swakop by-election ballot papers delivered

Vote on 12 August
Ballot papers for the Swakopmund constituency by-election have been printed and delivered.
Adam Hartman
The printing of the final ballot papers for the August 12 Swakopmund constituency by-elections was done on 2 August, and delivery of ballot papers to Swakopmund was done over the weekend, under strict security, and placed in custody at a police station in the constituency.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia's (ECN) acting chief electoral officer Petrus Shaama last week announced that the ECN has completed the bidding process for the printing of ballot papers, and the bid was awarded to Solitaire Press. The verification of the sample ballot papers by authorized representatives of the political parties and candidates has also been successfully concluded prior to the printing and delivery. "The preparations for the 12 August constituency by-elections are on course," said Shaama.

The voter education campaign for the constituency, to educate residents on the importance of casting their votes, among other electoral matters, started on 18 July and will conclude on 11 August. One hundred and forty five polling officers have also been recruited to make up 29 teams (26 fixed and three mobile teams) to conduct the elections. Training has been done. According to Shaama, the 29 teams will be deployed on 11 Aug for the start of the polls on 12 August.

The by-elections are for the replacement of Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) candidate Ciske Smith-Howard whose representation for the party in the constituency was terminated. The by elections are therefore in accordance with the Regional Councils Act, which states that a new representative should be elected within three months.

About 37 000 voters are expected to choose on of the eight candidates. Lousia Kativa (IPC), Zerold Danto of the United Democratic Front (UDF), Rodger Dausab of the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), Tangeni Musheka of the Landless People’s Movement (LPM), independent candidate Williward Narib, Popular Democratic Movement’s Lelani Pascheka (PDM, former Swakopmund mayor Nehemia Salomon of Swapo, and Bernhard von Zeydlitz-Kurzbach of the United People’s Movement UPM).