Second primary school for Narraville

Reducing overcrowding
Narraville will have a second primary school ready for occupation early next year.
Otis Daniels
News of the construction of a new primary school in Narraville has spread like wildfire and has been welcomed by residents of Walvis Bay.

The rural constituency councillor for the harbour town, Florian Donatus, confirmed that the earthworks taking place on a site adjacent to De Duine Secondary School are to prepare the area for the construction of a school at an estimated cost of N$3.5 million.

Donatus explained that the government-funded project makes provision for five blocks that include administrative (principal and staff rooms) and ablution facilities as well as four blocks with two classrooms each (eight in total) – catering for approximately 300 learners. “The levelling of the land is being done at a cost of N$350 000 with five contractors appointed and awarded the tenders to each construct one block. The construction process is expected to commence next week and must be completed by the end of January.”

Donatus emphasised that the contract clearly stipulates that the construction process should be done within the time frame of two months. He said the Erongo regional council received money via the ministry of education to alleviate overcrowding and classroom shortages at the coast. “These funds must be spent before the end of the financial year in April 2023. The Erongo regional council is spearheading the project through the directorate of education. The school that is being constructed in Swakopmund is already halfway done. The holdup in Walvis Bay was the municipality, which had to avail land first.”

Donatus urged children and parents living in the harbour town not to lose hope. “Education, development, and the provision of infrastructure are close to the hearts of the Erongo leadership. An educated nation is a prosperous nation. Children should therefore study hard and ensure they become educated and informed leaders.”

De Duine Secondary School principal Anton van Wyk said the new school will bring some relief and provide more options. “We do not want children sitting on the streets due to a lack of space at schools. I have no idea which grades will be accommodated since I did not receive any official communication on the matter.”

Retired Narraville Primary School principal Paul Fisher said it was a good move, but bad news for children having to travel across the extremely busy B2 road on early mornings in misty conditions. “Narraville is, however, growing and a second school is welcomed.”