PDM goes to streets to mobilise for Swakop by-election

Introduce candidate
The PDM held a roadshow in Swakopmund to mobilise the community to vote for the party's candidate Leigh Pascheka in the upcoming Swakopmund constituency by-election
Adam Hartman
Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) president McHenry Venaani took to Swakopmund's streets over the weekend to introduce Leigh Pascheka, the party's candidate for the 12 August Swakopmund constituency by-elections.

Venaani also urged voters to turn out in numbers at the ballot box and to "vote for change".

Pascheka will be running against seven other candidates for the office of constituency councillor after Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) candidate Ciske Smith-Howard's representation for the party in the constituency was terminated three months ago.

Venaani led a convoy of about 40 cars through DRC and Matutura and danced to music while stopping over at stalls and speaking to customers about why the PDM is the right party to vote for. He was also invited into homes where he made his case for the party and its candidate.

Issues that were highlighted were the need for employment and proper housing, and he made reference to the hundreds of unoccupied houses built under the national mass housing project, and that the matter needs urgent attention in a time where housing is a burning issue.

Pascheka was introduced as someone who knows and cares for the community, being on the ground, even during difficult times such as the Covid waves. "Leigh is on the ground, and she is a personal part of the Swakopmund community. She knows what is happening," said PDM Erongo coordinator, Roger Nautoro. He also emphasised that she has her own soup kitchen in the DRC. "This is a leader who has a heart for Namibian children and people and that she does this from her own pockets."

Pascheka said that if she is elected she will address issues such as employment creation through the empowerment of SMEs and streets vendors. The professional paramedic said she will also advocate for quality primary healthcare services and delivery while promoting the upgrading of the Swakopmund state hospital into a regional hospital. As for housing, she is pushing the PDM's 'one family, one plot' policy, while she will also push for the acceleration of the servicing of land and the expediting of low-cost housing.

She also wants to make a difference when it comes to safety and security, and will make sure police stations are established in the DRC informal settlement and Ocean View neighbourhood. "I will also lobby for more schools and classrooms and the upgrading of all sports facilities in the constituency," she said.