Pay rise for Kraatz employees

6.5% increase
The company and the union signed a one-year substantive agreement.
Thirty-five employees of Kraatz Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group will receive a 6.5% increase on their basic salary, effective 1 July 2022.

The company and the Metal and Allied Namibian Workers Union (MANWU) signed a one-year substantive agreement, which brought about the increase for the bargaining unit employees.

Kraatz managing director Eugene Louw, in a statement, applauded the union for how negotiations were concluded.

He noted that the union plays a critical role in the employer/employee relationship and that cooperation between the two parties ensures business continuity and sustainability.

“Kraatz has not been safeguarded from the effects of Covid-19 over the past two years. However, we managed to continue operations by adapting to the new normal and remained determined to achieve our targets. I am proud of the way our employees have shown resilience and continued to do their utmost even when facing this global crisis. For this reason, we believed an increase was the right thing to do to ensure our people can survive the new challenges we face, such as the increased cost of living and rising inflation.”

He added that their employees are the most important stakeholders, and are the ones who make the business a success.

MANWU regional organiser John Hinyekwa said that the union and the shop stewards committee are delighted by the way and spirit in which the negotiations were conducted.

“We thank the workers for understanding and allowing us to reach a consensus with the company. The union and the workers remain positive and believe that the economy will improve and that there will be enough work for both parties to yield good results going forward. The negotiations were not easy, but through cooperation and honest communication, we managed to conclude them. I also wish to extend warm appreciation to the directors of Kraatz for being accommodating and understanding of the plight of the workers.”