Henties Bay Spar back in business

Otis Daniels
Excited community members congregated and welcomed the opening of a brand new Spar Henties Bay shopping centre in the town today.

The business was destroyed in a fire on 26 March 2022. On the occasion, the Spar Henties Bay workforce performed a special song before the owners Johan and Daleen Agenbag cut the ribbon and welcomed excited shoppers to the brand new store.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Karel Agenbag (son) said that it was a huge privilege to be able to open the doors of the business once again. “The whole community missed Spar Henties Bay. We are extremely happy to be able to finally put the fire and the destruction it brought behind us. From ash and now having this beautiful store, is an accomplishment and a proud moment for all of us.”

Karel added that it took a lot of hard work. “Everything however came together and here we are opening our shop today. The insurance helped us a lot and it took a considerable amount of money to have all this done.”

The new Henties Bay Spar is also much bigger in terms of floor space. “We utilised some additional space on our erve to expand the floor space of store. We will definitely fit everyone in who will be heading our way for December.” Henties Bay Spar also supports various local entrepreneurs by accommodating their products on its shelves. The business employs 65 staff members. “We will also employ and enable some school leavers to earn pocket money for December,” Agenbag said.

The mayor of Henties Bay, Lewies Vermaak wholeheartedly welcomed the reopening of the business. “I am overjoyed. The other shops managed well in the absence of Henties Bay Spar. We will be experiencing the December holiday influx. This fantastic and spacious shop, enables Henties Bay to deliver outstanding services for holiday makers and the people of the town.”

Vermaak said that what the Agenbag family accomplished in such a short space of time since the destruction of Henties Bay Spar occurred, is truly remarkable. “I can only say thank you to this phenomenal family who really means and does a lot for our town. They continued paying their workers despite the hardship they faced and for that I take my hat off for them. They are truly blessed.”

One of the first customers in the shop commented that she was happy to be present at the reopening of Henties Bay Spar. “It is a big shop with a lot of changes, a huge variety of produces on offer and very affordable prices. It is convenient and I am a satisfied shopper.”