Green ­energy ­complex ­earmarked for Walvis Bay

Approval granted for land
Leandrea Mouers
The Walvis Bay municipality has granted the approval to reserve ± 3 404 217m² of land at Farm 58 for the establishment of a green energy complex.

According to Richard Hoaeb, the chairperson of the management committee of the municipal council, Ikhaya Somandla Trading Enterprise (Pty) Ltd applied for the land to establish and develop a green energy complex in Namibia together with their private technical and financial investor (partners) from Australia.

“The complex will consist of an oil refinery, power plant (renewable energy), storage facility (tank farm – crude, refined and additives/lubricants), site office, and agro-industrial activity. The applicant has presented their development proposal for the envisaged green energy complex to council at informal discussions held on 7 June 2022.

“They have identified Walvis Bay as an ideal location in Namibia to construct their complex. This initiative responds to the second Harambee prosperity plan and an announcement that was made by the president of Namibia, that Namibia is investigating the feasibility of green energy projects as a strategic intent. Therefore, the application of the applicant is supported.”

The councillor stated that the process of township establishment of Farm 58 has been partially completed and the registration of portions is now with the deeds office.

“However, the town planning process for the remainder of Farm 58 still needs to be attended to. The preliminary subdivision was completed with the inputs from other stakeholders and the final layout will be prepared by town planning.”

The applicant in their application indicated that they require 395 hectares of Portion 7 and Portion 8 of Remainder Farm 58.

“However, the applicant was advised that these two portions are too small and portion 8 has already been allocated to another developer.”

Additionally, the council has the opinion that even though the application is for a green energy complex, the activities such as the old refinery, tank farms and LPG plant are not green, and must be at the far end of Farm 58.”

With this in mind, a new proposal for allocation of land was made to the developer through consultations and the applicant has agreed to be allocated Portion 46 of Remainder Farm 58.

“Walvis Bay has been experiencing significant growth over the past six years and this is expected to continue. The government of Namibia, in terms of the second Harambee prosperity plan, has identified Walvis Bay as the growth point for industrialization.

“From an economic development point of view, the establishment of a green energy complex will contribute massively to employment creation and poverty alleviation in Walvis Bay and is supported.” Hoaeb thus stated that the opinion is held that once the subdivision of the required portion and other related matters have been finalized, negotiations be entered into with the applicant for the lease or outright sale of ± 3 404 217 m² of land and a further comprehensive report be submitted to the council.

With this conditional approval, Ikhaya Somandka Trading Enterprise is expected to conduct and submit within 12 months an environmental clearance certificate, a feasibility study on whether the project is viable, and financial capability that the funds are available to start and complete the project.