Early Christmas treat for Swakopmund elderly

Two hundred elderly persons received an early Christmas treat in the form of food parcels containing basic necessities, from the municipality of Swakopmund.

Speaking at the occasion, the mayor of Swakopmund, Dina Namubes, called on members of the community, to make it their responsibility to guard against the financial exploitation and abuse of elderly people. “Our senior citizens are in their old age and are thus vulnerable. They have taken care of many of us and now it is our chance to look after them. Let us treat them with respect, love, care and patience. We need to protect them not exploit them or steal from them. We should view their presence as a blessing and be grateful for their lives.”

According to the mayor, the elderly are quite often deprived of their monthly pensions by those closest to them. “In most instances we have found that the elderly are breadwinners in their families. It is also heartbreaking to note how elderly women are being raped, murdered and stolen from, in our country. This is unacceptable behavior and should not be condoned.”

Namubes thanked the elders for doing a tremendous job in many lives and for their dedication, love, care and patriotism towards the Namibian nation. “You basically look after your children, grandchildren and relatives. Some of you even open up their homes and share the little they have with strangers.”

She said that communities rely on elders to teach children. “We acknowledge the important role that you play in our lives as our parents. Thank you for instilling the different cultural and Christian beliefs and norms in Namibian children.”

The handing over of food parcels for the elderly has become an annual event on the mayoral calendar whereby basic necessities are distributed to senior citizens. Due to the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic the exercise was not completed for the past two years.

The office of the mayor sent notifications to different churches, old age homes and the general public to announce the registration of senior citizens who live within the district of Swakopmund. “Our target was the less fortunate senior citizens who only live off the government grant they receive. Just this year, more than 200 citizens registered either through their respective churches, old age homes or as individuals,” explained Namubes.