Dune 7 park fees

Ellanie Smit
Park entry fees will be introduced at Dune 7 in the Dorob National Park possibly as from 10 December, following upgrades to infrastructure.

Tourism ministry spokesperson Romeo Muyunda said the ministry – with co-funding from the Game Products Trust Fund – is renovating existing ablution facilities and constructing new ones. The braai facilities will also be renovated and upgraded and five new braai areas will be constructed, he said. A cable fence for the recreational area will also be erected, as well as an entrance gate and a reception office. “Dune 7 is a popular attraction area to both local and foreign visitors. The management of this recreational area has been difficult for the ministry due to vandalism and litter being the main problems,” Muyunda said.

He said the ablution facilities and other infrastructure at the recreational area have been vandalised to the point where they are currently non-functional, costing significant amounts of money to repair. “The upgrade of the facility and infrastructure will enable the ministry to implement and charge park fees at Dune 7, as approved and gazetted in 2021.”

The approved park entry fees have undergone a comprehensive consultative process, and the envisaged fee will assist in ensuring that the standards of the much-admired recreational facility are maintained and the experience of visitors enhanced, the ministry said.

In the long-term, the ministry will offer the recreational area as a tourism concession in accordance with the tourism development plan for the Dorob National Park, Muyunda said. The concession will be advertised in the media soon, he added. Muyunda urged visitors to Dune 7 to cooperate with the ministry in ensuring that the new facilities are looked after and not vandalised. “The ministry is continuously and consistently implementing programmes and activities that will ensure we achieve our mandate.”