Disaster risk committee conducts fire prevention campaign

Prevention of household fires
The Walvis Bay Urban Disaster Management Committee conducted a public awareness campaign on the prevention of household fires.
Nikanor Nangolo
The Walvis Bay Urban Constituency Disaster Management Committee conducted a first of its kind public awareness campaign on the prevention of household fires in the harbour town.

The Disaster Management Committee which consists of the fire brigade, police, Namibian Correctional Services as well as community activists, visited different areas in Kuisebmond, distributing pamphlets on fire prevention.

According to Chief Fire Officer Cornelius Simasiku, the main reason of the campaign is to share the right information with community of Walvis Bay, on the prevention of household fires.

"It is very important for us to take these fire prevention awareness seriously, so that we know exactly how to handle fires that may occur around us," Simasiku said.

Joseph Garoeb of the Disaster Management Committee and brainchild of the initiative said the committee has learned a lot from previous fires incidents.

"Some of our community members have been attacking our fire fighters at fire incidents. For this reason we decided to come up with this initiative to educate the community as well as to bring the fire fighters to the public. This is so that the public sees that firefighters do not show up to fires to fight with community members but to do a job which is save lives and to put out fires," he said.

Garoeb pointed out that the committee will be conducting a training program from 5 October to train community members on how to extinguish fires.

"We want to enable some of the community members to be able to handle fires while we are waiting for the fire brigade to arrive. Therefore we urge the members of the community to sign up for the training at the fire station or at the Walvis Bay Urban Constituency Office, so that we able to combat these fires together and save lives," Garoeb said.

Erongo Regional Governor Neville Itope applaud the Walvis Bay Urban Disaster Management Committee for a wonderful initiative.

"This initiative empowers the community with the right information on what to when a fire occurs. We have people that are dying and losing their personal belongings because of fires and this really something that we are concerned about," he said.

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